Join any Teams meeting with Pexip’s new SIP Guest Join feature



7 March 2023

External Teams invite? Now you can join any Teams meeting – even the ones from your external contacts using your own video conferencing systems. With all the features you expect. And fully certified by Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams has become a staple for millions of business meetings around the world, connecting teams and partners alike. But what happens when you’re invited to a Teams meeting from outside your organization? That’s where Pexip’s new SIP Guest Join feature comes in. 

Previously, enterprises invested in Cloud Video Interop (CVI) to enable their video conferencing systems to join their Teams meetings. But one problem was never solved. 

“Why can I not use the technology I invested in to join any Teams meeting I’ve been invited to?”  

 CVI wasn’t designed to allow you to join others’ Teams meetings – until now. SIP Guest Join enables anyone in an organization with CVI capabilities to join meetings from anyone inside or outside their organization. With one press of a button, you can use the video conferencing technology you’ve already invested in to join any Teams meeting you’ve been invited to, regardless of who the invite came from.

Duppal was involved in beta testing, and we’re excited to see some of our Multiplatform customers already benefiting from this new feature. Now all your Cisco and Poly video room systems – even those installed many years ago – can now join all Microsoft Teams meetings with the big green button. It’s that simple. 

Unlock the full potential of your video conferencing systems with SIP Guest Join  

With SIP Guest Join, you can say goodbye to the frustration of not being able to use the technology you’ve invested into its full potential. Contact us today to enable SIP Guest Join for your organization and start enjoying the benefits of a more connected meeting experience.

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