Extend the lifespan of your Cisco videoconferencing rooms



3 November 2023

In our recent blogs, we’ve explored how to use the newest generation meeting rooms (Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms) in a multiplatform reality. But what about those trusty, high-quality videoconferencing rooms that have been fixtures in organizations long before Microsoft and Zoom took center stage?

Cisco (including the acquisition of Tandberg) and Polycom (now Poly) have been market leaders in meeting room solutions for over two decades. These videoconferencing systems are known for their robustness, seamless integration into various spaces, and remarkable reliability. It’s not uncommon for them to continue running without a hiccup for more than a decade.

However, the landscape has evolved. Collaboration platforms from Google, Microsoft, and Zoom now dominate our daily hybrid work life. This is where Duppal Multiplatform enters the scene, revolutionizing how organizations can make the most of their cherished Cisco rooms. This innovative solution bridges the gap between modern video meeting platforms and your existing meeting room hardware, offering a user-friendly experience while optimizing investments in Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Create multiplatform power-rooms

Your Cisco and Poly rooms have the potential to transform into multiplatform powerhouses. Since they’re not exclusive to a specific online meeting platform, they serve as a neutral foundation. Paired with Duppal’s multiplatform solution, they become versatile spaces capable of joining meetings across various platforms while retaining the familiarity your users cherish.

The added benefit? Extending the lifespan of these beloved rooms is an environmentally-conscious approach that reduces e- waste. From a financial perspective, it means you can maximize your investments for several more years. It’s a genuine win-win!


Seamless ‘One-Touch’ access to Google, Teams, and Zoom meetings

There’s nothing quite like walking into a meeting room and finding everything ready to roll. Your users relish the convenience of ‘one-touch join’ experiences for their meetings. Once activated, they can initiate any online meeting with the same effortless ‘one-touch’ simplicity they’re accustomed to. No need to burden your users with new procedures; we handle the heavy lifting through the multiplatform layer.

Connecting to any virtual meeting, anytime!

Until recently, joining Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, or Zoom meetings often depended on the structure of the meeting invite. Specifically, the invite needed to contain a SIP video address to work seamlessly. The inviting organization had to support third-party meetings based on SIP interoperability. But that’s no longer the case! With our multiplatform solution, you can now connect to both internal and external online meetings without constraints. This is where the magic of our innovative multiplatform solution truly shines. You have a multiplatform challenge; we will make it work!

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