Effortless multiplatform meetings for Microsoft Teams Rooms



19 September 2023

Direct Guest Join

In our last blog, we delved into the world of enhancing Zoom Rooms with seamless multiplatform meetings. But what if your organization has standardized on Microsoft Teams and deployed Microsoft Teams Rooms in all your meeting spaces?

Enter the Multiplatform solution, a game-changer for organizations looking to supercharge their meeting rooms. This innovative solution bridges the gap between modern video meeting platforms and your existing meeting room hardware, delivering a user-friendly experience while maximizing your investments in Teams Rooms.

Make any Teams invite Multiplatform friendly

Your users are loving the functionality of those brand-new Teams Rooms. They have no trouble joining Teams meetings they’ve scheduled themselves. But what about external guests? They might not be as familiar with Teams and could be using different meeting room technology. Not to worry – we’ve got a solution to keep everyone in the loop. Simply add third-party meeting join details to any Teams invite your users send out.

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‘One-Touch’ access to Webex and Zoom meetings

There’s nothing quite like walking into a meeting room and finding everything ready to roll. Your users are relishing those ‘one-touch join’ experiences for their meetings. They want the same convenience for Webex and Zoom meetings they’re invited to as well. That’s where ‘Direct Guest Join’ comes into play, providing a web client meeting join option on your Microsoft Teams Rooms. Once activated, they can start Zoom meetings with the same ‘one-touch’ simplicity.



Connect to any virtual meeting, anytime

In a world filled with diverse meeting platforms, it’s essential to ensure your users can seamlessly join most of them. We’ve got you covered, even for high-quality Google Meet, Webex, and Zoom meetings. Enable SIP calls between Microsoft Teams Rooms and other meeting room services and devices. Now you can call anyone, anytime you need to!


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