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Collaborate securely with Cisco Webex

Are security and ease of use of the greatest importance to you? Do you work with sensitive information, and are you looking for a collaboration tool where privacy is a top priority? If so, the Cisco Webex solution is your tool. Cisco Webex is chosen by many governments as the solution for (virtual) cooperation and for good reason.

Cisco Webex enables you to:

Make and receive calls from any device

Collaborate easily through the many integrations

Participate more actively in virtual meetings

Make virtual presentations just as interactive and interesting as physical meetings

Duppal helps

Duppal helps you develop the right mix of digital and physical Cisco Webex products. We have set up a unique working method for this purpose. First of all, we discuss your needs with you and your colleagues from different departments and branches. We map out your wishes and include all communication moments in your processes. Based on this, we propose a collaboration tool: in large companies and governments, this is often Cisco Webex.

The next step is to ensure that the implementation of the tool is a great success. We provide an adoption campaign and courses to ensure that your colleagues understand the benefits of the new tools and use them successfully.

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Why choose Cisco Webex?

If you are looking for a secure, all-in-one solution to optimize collaboration between colleagues and with customers, Cisco Webex may be the solution for you.

The Cisco Webex solution consists of a complete infrastructure with mobile apps, desktop apps, software for video conferencing and hosting webinars, physical meeting equipment and more.

 A comprehensive portfolio

Are you looking for a single platform that can handle all elements of successful collaboration? Cisco Webex offers devices, endpoints, telephony, contact centre, web and video conferencing solutions and more.

 The highest level of security

Is security a key factor in your business? Cisco Webex excels in security: the platform is used extensively by European governments for good reason.

 Optimized for your workflows

The various components of Cisco Webex are optimized for meetings, teamwork, training, events and remote support.

Curious about the possibilities of Cisco Webex for your organization?

Is Cisco Webex the right fit for your organization?

We are happy to help you in your search for the perfect collaboration tool. Based on our experience, Cisco Webex is particularly suitable for:

 Organizations with an existing Cisco environment for video endpoints, telephony or other means of collaborating
 Enterprises and B2C organizations that frequently conduct online consultations, webinars and training courses
 Organizations that are involved in education
 Organizations with high security requirements for (video) communication

Want to know more about the opportunities Cisco Webex has to offer for your organization?

Cisco partner

Ready for the future

Stress, irritation and annoyance because you are stuck in the same traffic jam every day, because your colleagues are not easily accessible or because your Internet connection is not working properly: does this sound familiar? Cisco and Duppal make your work more fun, easier and above all stress-free.

Getting started with Cisco Webex solutions

Implementing a new tool involves a lot of work. Yes, the licenses need to be in order – we take care of that – but above all, you want your colleagues to start using it and you want the security of the tool to be of the highest level. We guide you through the entire implementation process.

 Processing agreement
Documentation in Dutch or English
 Fast and direct support, in Dutch or English
 Personal and direct attention; short lines, no ticket system with endless waiting times

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