Zoom Rooms: ease of use all the way into the meeting room

Zoom Rooms extend the ease of use of Zoom video conferencing into the meeting room. With a control panel with Zoom interface and numerous hardware options. Duppal helps you to develop a good standard for your meeting room(s).

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The features of Zoom Rooms software

With the Zoom Rooms software, you'll also have all the options in the meeting room that you're used to from Zoom Meetings. With the Zoom Rooms app, you can set up a video conferencing system with the hardware of your choice and the user friendliness of Zoom.

Calendar integration

With Google and Exchange calendar integration, you can easily invite a meeting room to a meeting. Once in the meeting room, you start the meeting with one push of the button!

Scheduling display & digital signage

Also useful: place a scheduling display near your rooms to make sure reservations run smoothly. With the digital signage function, you can turn any screen into a signboard for your organization.

Room management

Manage all your meeting rooms in the Zoom portal. Get notifications of any issues and take care of the necessary updates remotely.

For any space

Combine Zoom Rooms with the hardware of your choice and create a good solution for any space: from boardroom to huddle room and classroom.

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Getting started with Zoom Rooms

Advice on the implementation of Zoom Rooms

As a Zoom partner and video conferencing specialist, Duppal advises you on the setup of your various meeting rooms. Our specialists in the field of video systems will be happy to help you find your way around the endless possibilities of Zoom Rooms.

  • We help you think about the use of different spaces and what kind of setups are appropriate;
  • We provide advice on the required hardware;
  • We create a good standard for your A/V supplier to work with;
  • Together with your IT team, we make sure that all the basic settings in Zoom are correct and secure;
  • We train users and provide documentation in Dutch.

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All Zoom solutions

Thanks to the extensive possibilities, Zoom offers a platform that can be used across the entire organization. With one consistent experience across all tools.

Zoom Meetings

Video conferencing has never been easier! Zoom Meetings allow teams to collaborate effectively anytime, anywhere.

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Zoom Webinars

The ultimate tool for live and on-demand virtual events for marketing, training or internal communication.

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Zoom Phone

Add telephony to your Zoom environment. Convenient! For example, as a replacement for a telephone exchange.

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Want to implement Zoom Rooms?

Duppal helps you to develop a good standard for every meeting room - large or small.

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