Multi-platform video conferencing

Integrate Zoom and Microsoft Teams with the Pexip Room Connector.

In an ideal world, organizations and their business partners would all use one and the same video conferencing solution. With that, they’d be able to easily connect to a single meeting room and talk business. In reality, 62% of all businesses across the world have adopted 3 or more online conferencing solutions that don’t integrate.


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Multiplatform video conferencing

Pexip Room Connector

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When video conferencing platforms don't integrate

Online meetings between different parties, sometimes even departments within the same company, become a hassle. Traditional meeting rooms often can’t switch platforms on the go. Making it hard for others to participate in your meeting. With Duppal’s Multi-Platform Video Conferencing solution you can stick to what you know and love. Connect the meeting room with users on both Teams, Webex or Zoom.


Our Pexip Room Connected integrates the different conferencing platforms
with your meeting room with the click of a button.

Video conferencing interoperability

Your department may work with Microsoft Teams, while your business partner has long since adopted Zoom. How do you meet? In general, there has not been any video conferencing interoperability. Either your team members, or your business partner would have to switch platforms, just to set up a meeting. Often resulting in technical difficulties and frustrations. Not the best use of your valuable time. Meeting rooms often can’t even switch platforms, further complicating the situation.

Your company has gone through a phase of user adoption and your teams finally got used to a specific platform. Trust us, as user adoption specialists we know the effort that took. Investing in multi-platform continues that hard work.


Multi-Platform Video Conferencing made easy

With the Pexip Room Connector, your meeting room can easily join different video conferencing platforms. With one single touch to join! You now no longer need to settle on switching to one and the same online conferencing platform to meet with your business partners. Instead, pair Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom up and have them all come together in one single meeting environment. This is convenient for every stakeholder.

Let us tell you more about our multi-platform solution

Connect Multiple Conferencing Solutions with Pexip

How does it work?

Traditional video conferencing hardware was not made with specific meeting software like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom in mind. Via some sort of a gateway; a bridge if you will, you would be able to get the hardware to communicate with these video conferencing platforms. The Pexip Enterprise Room Connector is that bridge. It makes sure it all works technically in the background, while also offering a number of features to optimize the user experience in the meeting room.


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The convenience of the pexip meeting room solution for multi-platform video conferencing.


Features of our Multi-platform solution

✓  Works with existing video conferencing rooms
Existing Cisco and Polycom video conferencing rooms get a second life in your multi-platform meeting environment.

✓  Bridge to Microsoft Teams
Through the Microsoft-certified Pexip CVI service, conferencing systems can dial into your organization’s Teams meeting.

  Logical, easy workflow
Simply invite the room in the calender and the appropriate information will be pushed to the system

  One-Touch Join
Pexip converts the Teams, Webex or Zoom meeting information into a simple start button

No calendar information is transmitted to Pexip

Options to apply branding to the joining layout, such as the virtual lobby


Duppal's Multiplatform approach

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Multi-Platform by Duppal

Where does Duppal come in?

Duppal is specialized in the implementation and user adoption of video conferencing solutions within organizations. We’ve helped large corporations streamline their video conferencing processes. Are you ready to work efficiëntly and integrate the different platforms used within your firm through our multi-platform solution?

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