Pexip: cloud video interoperability at its best

Pexip is the "Swiss army knife" of video conferencing tools. Pexip connects it to your meeting room devices, whatever video system you or your external contacts use. That's video interoperability at its best - and Duppal will help you set it up.

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That's why you choose Pexip

Pexip is perfect for organizations looking for a solution purely for video conferencing. Without bells and whistles, but with the benefit of cloud video interoperability.

Meeting rooms

Pexip offers an ideal solution for facilitating meeting rooms. Users can quickly start and join a meeting from the video conferencing room.


Pexip distinguishes itself with a high-quality, secure, and safe platform. The worldwide QoS network guarantees a good, stable video connection.


With the Pexip ERC, you connect your existing video conferencing devices, including Cisco or Polycom, with tools like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

One touch join

Users can dial into meetings from the video conferencing room at the touch of a button, regardless of the video platform used.

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Pexip CVI for Microsoft Teams

Pexip offers a certified solution for Microsoft Teams Cloud Video Interop. Seamlessly integrate your existing video conferencing endpoints into the Microsoft Teams environment.


Pexip Enterprise Room Connector

Pexip offers a certified solution for multiplatform video conferencing. This Microsoft-certified solution is not only super user-friendly, but also offers all the benefits of a cloud enterprise application.

Our advice

Is this the tool for you?

We’re happy to help you find out whether Pexip is the right solution for your organization. Based on our experience, Pexip ideally suits:

  • Organizations that communicate a lot with external parties - and, therefore, other video platforms.
  • Organizations that are standardized on Google Meet or Microsoft Teams and want to integrate their existing meeting rooms.
  • Organizations looking for an excellent, stand-alone video conferencing platform.

"The quality of Pexip has led to enormous growth for us in the use of video conferencing from the meeting rooms. After the test period and smooth implementation by Duppal, the demand for this service worldwide grew quickly."

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Get started with Pexip

Pexip licenses through Duppal

Duppal offers more than just Pexip licenses. We guarantee that Pexip is used optimally and safely at your organization. Get all the benefits of Pexip - plus the advantages of Duppal, including:

  • Data processing agreement (DPA)
  • User documentation
  • Fast, direct (Dutch) support
  • Personal and direct attention

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Our unique approach

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Build a strong foundation for effective collaboration

Effective remote collaboration is more critical than ever. But how do you make it happen? We discuss your needs and requirements, arriving at a concrete step-by-step plan for effective remote collaboration.

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Implementing Pexip?

Duppal helps you implement and adopt Pexip in your organization.

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