Cisco Webex: collaboration solutions for your unique way of working

With the extensive possibilities of Cisco Webex, you can create the optimal solution for your meetings, teamwork, events, training, and support. Duppal advises you on the licenses and equipment to make this happen.

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That's why you choose Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is the solution for enterprise collaboration. With both software and hardware for collaboration, video conferencing, and web conferencing within a secure and reliable platform.

Broad portfolio

Cisco Webex has an extensive collaboration portfolio, including devices, endpoints, solutions for telephony, contact center, web and video conferencing. This range allows you to standardize collaboration and communication on one platform.

Optimized for your workflows

The different Cisco Webex variants are optimally adapted to specific workflows, covering meetings, teamwork, training, events, education, and remote support.


Cisco Webex excels in security. It is not without reason that the platform is used en masse by European governments.

Curious about Cisco Webex? Discover the possibilities for your organization!

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Is this the tool for you?

We’re happy to help you find out if Cisco Webex is the right solution for your organization. Based on our experience, Cisco Webex ideally suits:

  • Organizations with an existing Cisco environment, including video endpoints and telephony.
  • Enterprise and B2C organizations that deliver a lot of online consultations, webinars, and training.
  • Organizations with high-security requirements for video communication.
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Get started with Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex licenses through Duppal

Duppal offers more than just Cisco Webex licenses. We guarantee that Webex is used optimally and safely at your organization. Get all the benefits of Webex - plus the advantages of Duppal, including:

  • Data processing agreement (DPA)
  • User documentation
  • Fast, direct (Dutch) support
  • Personal and direct attention

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Our unique approach

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Approach - strategy


Build a strong foundation for effective collaboration

Effective remote collaboration is more critical than ever. But how do you make it happen? We discuss your needs and requirements, arriving at a concrete step-by-step plan for effective remote collaboration.

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Implementing Cisco Webex?

Duppal helps you implement and adopt Cisco Webex in your organization.

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