Pexip Room Connector: the solution for multiplatform video conferencing

With Pexip Room Connector you create the best working environment for your employees for multiplatform video conferencing. In the meeting room you can easily switch between various meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Skype for Business. Our Meet Duppal Team is happy to help organizations a little further. That is why we have an interesting On demand knowlegde session with additional Q&A session for all your questions about the Pexip Multiplatform tool! Click here to receive the On demand knowledge session.

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The features of Pexip Room Connector

The Pexip Room Connector is an essential component in a multi-platform video conferencing strategy. This allows you to work seamlessly with both internal and external parties in the meeting room as well, regardless of the meeting platform being used.

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Work with existing video conferencing rooms

Existing Cisco and Poly (Polycom) video conferencing rooms get a second life in your Teams or multiplatform meeting environment.

Pexip CVI for Microsoft Teams

Bridge to Microsoft Teams

The Room Connector includes the Microsoft-certified Pexip CVI service for Microsoft Teams for each room. This ensures that video conferencing systems can dial in to your organization's Microsoft Teams meeting.

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Logical workflow

When the user also invites the room in the calender when scheduling the (Pexip, Teams, Webex, Zoom) meeting, the appropriate information will be pushed to the Cisco or Poly system before the One-Touch Join meeting starts.

Pexip One Touch Join Cisco

One-Touch Join

An uniform, simple and stress-free way to start scheduled Pexip, Teams, Webex and Zoom meetings in the video conferencing room.

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On demand knowledge session - Pexip multiplatform

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During the On demand knowlegde session we dive deeper into the solution that Pexip offers in the field of Multiplatform. Speakers Rutger and Sidi will reflect on the technical and user perspective. 


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Collaboration Specialist at Duppal



Solution Architect Manager - Central Europe at Pexip


The ease of use of the Pexip Room Connector solution for multiplatform video conferencing

In our search for a solution for existing video conferencing systems, we arrived at the idea of building a connection, a 'bridge', between the most important meeting platforms and systems within your organization and those of your external partners.

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