Pexip and Your Microsoft integration

Videoconferencing, Skype for Business, microsoft teams and Office 365 Seamlessly connected


Integrating simple video communication within the enterprise used to be complex. But with a videoconferencing solution in the cloud, it’s easy. Pexip brings your devices, technology, tools and users together in the cloud. It enables you to use video within your existing workflows, seamlessly and efficient.


One gateway for All your video

When Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams has been deployed across your organization, it’s often extremely challenging to connect users to videoconferencing systems on other networks. Pexip makes videoconferencing through Skype or Teams possible in an easy and meaningful way. The Pexip calling platform and Microsoft-certified Pexip Infinity Fusion Gateway connects users and devices on the Pexip service directly to the Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams calling environment.


Seamless cross-platform communication

With the Pexip virtual meeting room solution, Skype for Business or Teams users can join a video meeting with up to 50 participants directly from their Skype for Business or Teams account. Users can enjoy an enhanced videoconferencing experience without having to leave the Skype or Teams environment that they are so familiar with. Combine dedicated videoconferencing units with Skype for Business or Teams workflows and experience the benefits:

  • Easy-to-host video meetings for up to 50 participants
  • Join meetings from your Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams user account
  • Invite and meet non-Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams contacts on video
  • 2-way screen sharing
  • Dedicated global video network for high-performance video meetings

One solution for any Microsoft environment

Our gateway supports all Microsoft environments— online, on-premise, hybrid— to make sure your video communication is simple and effective, whatever your set-up and without the need for new infrastructure.


Automated scheduling with Outlook

The Outlook integration makes planning scheduled meetings fast. Schedule your meeting and automatically populate your meeting room's dial-in info inside the meeting invite to all your guests. 

Get more out of video

Get more out of video

By increasing the functionality and usability of your existing video solutions, your video systems become more valuable and future-proof. Expand your capabilities with Skype or Teams to connect with other video networks or add your dedicated hardware into your Microsoft world.