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Duppal is Northern Europe Zoom partner of 2020!


Zoom Phone

Duppal Webinar - Zoom Phone NL

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Zoom als online klaslokaal

Zoom voor de zorg

Duppal webinar - Zoom als online klaslokaal
Duppal webinar - Zoom zorg

Introduction in Zoom Phone

Back to the office with Pexip 

Duppal webinar - Zoom Phone
Duppal webinar - Back to the office


Duppal is Northern Europe Zoom partner of 2020!

Duppal is de Noord-Europese Zoom partner van 2020!

Duppal - Zoom awards EN
Duppal - Zoom awards NL

Recap of Zoomtopia 2020

4 videoconferencing tips

Duppal vlog - Zoomtopia 2020 #2
Duppal vlog - Videoconferencing tips

Recap of ISE 2020

Recap of Pexip Partner Summit 2020

Duppal vlog - ISE 2020-1
Recap Pexip Partner Summit 2020

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