A successful implementation of Microsoft Teams

More and more organizations are deploying Microsoft Teams to optimize both internal and external collaboration. The implementation of this solution requires a lot of thought from an IT department about the policies, deployment and management. It also requires the end user to adopt a different, new way of working. With our unique adoption program, Duppal will help you successfully implement Microsoft Teams within your organization.

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Why an adoption program?

Microsoft Teams is an extensive collaboration platform with useful features such as chat, file sharing and video conferencing. But how do you properly utilize this platform in your organization? Microsoft Teams may be pushed to all desktops, but not all employees actually use it. A waste!

How do you set up the policies so that they remain manageable for the IT department, but at the same time workable for the end user? How are you going to roll out this tool and communicate the change throughout the organization? And how do you ensure that all employees start using Microsoft Teams effectively and efficiently? In our unique adoption program, we will cover these questions and make sure everyone in the organization can successfully use Microsoft Teams.

“Setting up the program was easy. It was very intuitive and doable for everyone. The process went as Duppal predicted: Microsoft Teams spread across the organization like an oil spill.”

Marinus Kuite -Information manager at HEMA

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Getting started with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams introductory program

Duppal is happy to support your organization with the transition to Microsoft Teams. We have developed an introductory program for this purpose that includes the following components:

  • Organization-wide communication campaign;
  • Support in defining the policies;
  • Training based on user needs and their digital skills categorized by departmental level;
  • Our training comes in two phases; first the basic training and then the advanced training at the departmental level;
  • Quick Reference Guides for key components;
  • User satisfaction survey.

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Our unique approach

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Lay a strong foundation for effective collaboration

Effective remote collaboration is more important than ever. But how do you go about it? We enter into dialogue with users and arrive at a concrete step-by-step plan for effective remote collaboration.

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Want to implement Microsoft Teams?

We will make sure Microsoft Teams is embraced within your organization in no time.

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