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Optimize your workflow with the right collaboration tools

Whether you are active in the business-to-business market or deliver your products or services directly to consumers, organizing virtual meetings and exchanging information has become an indispensable part of the workflow. Especially since the start of the Covid pandemic, the importance of smooth and user-friendly online processes has become greater than ever.


Are you looking to optimize your business processes with a strong collaboration tool that streamlines the workflow between your customers and your team? Team Duppal is happy to engage with you. With over 20 years of experience, we will help you find the right mix of tools and develop processes that meet your needs and the demands of your customers.

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Streamline your workflow with Pexip Engage

Are you looking for a way to capture online and offline communication with your customers in one platform? Then Pexip Engage is your tool.

Pexip Engage is particularly suitable for companies that have both online and physical appointments with their customers in one process and where information is regularly exchanged during this process. This includes for example brokers, insurers, banks or mortgage lenders: mainly organizations with a service where a purchase often does not happen overnight.

With Pexip Engage you give potential customers the opportunity to schedule a virtual or physical appointment with one of your advisors, at a time that suits them. This module is linked to the calendar of your advisors and displays real-time availability.

Does your customer decide to schedule a virtual appointment? Pexip Engage provides you with an intuitive online video environment that is built entirely in the style of your company. After the appointment, an automation flow automatically starts.

The Duppal team is ready to set up these processes for you. We consult with you to determine the optimal workflow and provide you with advice on the method that suits your company and your customers. We then provide the necessary training sessions and we are also available after the implementation to answer questions and help you out when issues occur.

Pexip Engage provides you with a fully optimized workflow, before, during and after the meeting with the customer:

Before the meeting

  • Let customers schedule meetings through your website, app or portal;
  • Help your customers, so they end up with the person who can help them, at the time that suits them, at the location that they want: online or offline;
  • The availability of your colleagues is automatically updated in the scheduling tool.


  • A virtual waiting room, in your corporate style;
  • The virtual meeting room offers a personalized look and feel that suits your business.

After the meeting

  • Your customer makes a well-informed decision;
  • You gain insights into how the planning of the meetings is going and you can make adjustments where necessary. Do meetings often take too long? Optimize your workflow to work even more efficiently;
  • Streamline the process with automated actions after the meeting, depending on the outcome of the meeting. Schedule a follow-up meeting, at the office or online, send documentation or a questionnaire; all completely automated;
  • Ask for feedback from your customer: what did they think of the meeting and your services?

Want to get more out of the valuable time of your teams by using Pexip Engage? We are happy to think along with you!

Interview with Arne Bassez

Introduction of Pexip Engage

Upgrade your workflow

Microsoft Teams as the driving force behind your workflow

As part of Microsoft’s widely used Microsoft 365 solution, Teams has become the collaboration tool of choice for many organizations. Teams makes organizing virtual meetings a breeze, but it’s also a particularly versatile tool for improving the workflow within and between teams.

Do you work in project teams with colleagues from different departments? With Teams, you can easily collaborate on the same projects and documents, and switch to a virtual meeting with ease, from within the apps you are working in together.

With Microsoft Teams as your collaboration tool, you give your workflow an upgrade and collaboration becomes more efficient than ever:

Keep track of different versions of documents
 Give colleagues the appropriate authorization to access documents
 Work in documents simultaneously
Want to ask a colleague a question? Send a quick chat message or start a virtual meeting from the application you’re working in

Besides internal collaboration, Teams allows you to add collaborators from external parties to your project. For example, if suppliers or partners are part of a process within your organization, you can give them access to the necessary documentation. This will enable them to take a look at the planning or provide input on documents and presentations, and you can easily communicate with each other via chat or a (video) call.

Are you getting the most out of Microsoft Teams? Our specialists are happy to ensure you do. Teams offers a range of options that will make collaboration between your colleagues and with customers easier and more interactive. One of the main advantages is the seamless integration with Microsoft 365, which even makes telephony via the cloud possible – from the same user-friendly app. Do you want to know more about the possibilities of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 for your company? Feel free to contact us.

A perfect combination of online and offline

Optimize your internal processes and collaborate more efficiently with colleagues, customers and partners.

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