How to set up a videoconferencing meeting when participants use different tools?

Debby Kappetijn

Debby Kappetijn

Nov 11, 2021 11:03:08 AM

Setting up a videoconferencing meeting from your meeting room can be challenging, as part of the participants may use different tools than your organization does. How to solve this multiplatform challenge?

Let’s start with the result and keep this simple. The green button in the picture is the outcome. With this green button you start your videoconferencing meeting without any issues.

Integrating multiple video conferencing tools in one room at the click of a button

Wait a minute’, we hear you say, ‘we have this green button already and this works fine most of the time!’

You could be right; green buttons tend to work in a simple, single vendor set-up. And although ‘most of the time’ was a major accomplishment 10 years ago, this isn’t sufficient today. The huge shift to online meetings because of Covid and the move to hybrid working require a solution that works in all meeting scenarios 100% of the time. So, what’s the challenge most of you have?

Participants using different online meeting solutions like Zoom, Teams or Cisco WebEx

Today’s reality is that a large part of your meetings involve participants using different tools than the tool your organization is standardized on. You could be using Microsoft Teams, but your customer could be using Zoom and your supplier Cisco WebEx. You still want them to join your Teams meeting without hassle. 62% of organizations is using three of more meeting platforms for internal online meetings, meaning the problem is widespread so most of you will recognize this for sure.

Conference tool providers are in the business of having you join their platform

So, how to solve this? It would make sense to turn to Cisco, Microsoft and Zoom and ask them to fix this. However, they are in this business of increasing their own market share and aim for a world in which everyone is using their platform.

Nothing wrong with that, but the consequence is that their solution is focused around joining their platform. And of course, today’s reality that the user entering the meeting room doesn’t want to be bothered by lots of different connection scenarios. They only want to push the green button and see and hear the people they invited, regardless of the tool these are using.

Duppal’s Multiplatform video conferencing solution

The multiplatform solution Duppal offers your organization will be implemented ‘under the hood’, meaning your users will not notice it, apart from the green button of course. Depending on your situation we will define the best approach and implement an interoperability layer in close cooperation with your IT department. And of course, we will teach your users how they can easily schedule and start multiplatform meetings. User Adoption is our forte. We train all stakeholders involved to use our solutions at their full potential, and adopt the tools organization-wide.

In fact, we have been implementing this solution with many organizations already in 2021, as the return to the office required a quick solution for these new hybrid work challenges.

Have a look at our case studies

One of them being one of the largest consultancy firms globally with a US-headquarter. They are using Cisco WebEx, MS Teams and Zoom for businesses for both internal and external meetings. They have asked Duppal to fix the challenges described above in all 1000+ meetings rooms worldwide.

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Want to reduce the hassle of connecting multiple video conferencing tools?

Recognize the problem? Do different departments within your organization use different tools? Or perhaps do you use different conferencing tools from your clients or business partners? Then you understand the hassle of setting up meetings between different parties. Sometimes you may need to switch to another online meeting tool simply to make it work. Needing to install a tool a few minutes prior to the meeting, register an account, set up your webcam and microphone. Reduce the hassle and look into our multiplatform solution. Let’s meet.

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