Promotion tips for the introduction of collaboration software

Debby Kappetijn

Debby Kappetijn

Jul 25, 2017 8:00:00 AM

In one of our previous blogs, I explained how to choose collaboration software that fits the needs of the organization and the end user. This, in fact, is the start of successful user adoption of the software. If you managed to choose a great tool, you could move on to the exciting part: launching the tool within your organization! To actually start using the software, people need to be aware of its existence and its benefits, understand how to work with it, and accept it as a part of their daily work routine. Hence, you have to create a sense of confidence and personal ownership with the users that paves the way for adoption. This starts with a great introduction of the collaboration software within the company. In this blog, I provide you with promotion tips that will help you create awareness for your new collaboration tool.

Internal promotion campaign

To achieve collaboration tool awareness, you have to promote the tool within the organization. This promotion campaign should focus on the benefits of the tool to the users. Here are some ideas for the content of your promotional outlets:

  • Practical examples of how to use the tool in specific and recognizable processes or activities within the company;
  • Quotes of the management explaining the choice of this collaboration tool;
  • Ambassadors of the entire organization endorsing the tool;
  • Evidence of how the tool answers to the user needs that you researched;
  • Tips on how you can optimally benefit from the tool;
  • References to contact persons and informative/educational resources.

For the best results, make a full communication and promotion plan timely. Think of a creative and coherent theme for your campaign and use a variety of communication tools and platforms to spread the message, like:


Internal social media

Internal social media platforms like Yammer make it possible to interact with employees in an accessible way. You can not only share updates on the implementation of the tool, but you can also ask for people’s opinion, for example in a poll.



As employees use it regularly, the intranet is the perfect environment for news and updates about the implementation of a new tool. Use it as a pin board to share practical information about new software updates, educational resources or user manuals.



A poster campaign at the office is a perfect way to draw attention to the new tool and to highlight its benefits. A nice poster in the cafeteria will really get people talking about it, and bring the topic to life within the company. You can use posters in various stages of the campaign: a sneak-preview or ‘coming soon’ announcement to raise people’s interest, an announcement of the launch or a ‘thank you for your effort’ message after the implementation.


Launch event

To make sure no one overlooks the introduction of the tool, you could organize an event. With a fun event, you can create a buzz around the tool, leaving employees to want to see more of this beautiful new piece of tech. Gather as many employees as possible, and have them attend a breakfast session or afternoon drink. Invite managers to explain their teams how the new tool will impact people in their department and show real-life examples of how it makes their jobs easier.



Email is an excellent and accessible way to reach employees throughout the process of finding and implementing a new collaboration tool. Send regular updates about the research, selection and implementation. You can include the topic in the corporate newsletter as well. Share benefits, tips, tricks and user experiences and invite users to give feedback.



A little giveaway or cool gadget never dissuaded anyone. Get people excited and put the tool in the picture with a nice giveaway carrying its logo. It will also function as a constant reminder for the tool. Here are some fun ideas:

  • A little plant with a sign saying something like ‘Save the planet, use your collaboration tool’
  • Half a tie (since you only see the top part in video conferences)
  • A travel kit as a reminder that the collaboration tool makes travelling unnecessarily



Nothing boosts motivation like a little friendly competition! A fun contest with a nice incentive or reward can actually engage people in the process of implementation. Pit entire departments against one another or allow people to compete as individuals to achieve some measurable goals and move up in their level of adoption. Make sure each upgrade is rewarded.



Appoint ambassadors that are enthusiastic to help and motivate their colleagues to start using the tool. The selected ambassadors should have a more than average understanding of the potential and benefits of the tool and should, of course, be able to support their colleagues in daily use.


Great tool, great promotion

You should realize that a high-quality tool with positive user experiences actually is a self-promoter. The ultimate goal is for a tool to add so much value to daily work life that people simply cannot go around it. But to achieve this, you first need to bring the tool to the workplace. Don’t worry, if you have chosen the right tool, the tool will be received with great enthusiasm! The promotion tips above can help you create awareness for the collaboration tool and motivate employees to start using it. If you would like to know more about boosting user adoption of collaboration software, I recommend you to download the whitepaper ‘Mind the gap, focus on the user’. It’s full of practical tips and insights about the key elements of user adoption.

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