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How to survive ISE 2020 in Amsterdam? The ultimate guide

Posted by Debby Kappetijn on January 21, 2020 at 8:00 AM
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ISE 2020ISE 2020 is nearly upon us: the world's largest exhibition for professional AV and integrated systems. Thirteen different conferences, fifteen halls brimming with AV solutions and an extensive lineup with, for example, presentations and panel discussions. ISE 2020 is nothing less than grandiose, and this is also why the exhibition will be held in Amsterdam for the final time (ISE 2021 will be in Barcelona). So grab the opportunity to get bags of inspiration and ideas for smart communication and collaboration solutions.

Just 15 halls in 4 days, that's ambitious. As experienced ISE visitors, we created a list of must-sees and offer some additional do's and don'ts to get the most out of your visit to ISE 2020!

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Tip 1: look beyond the technology

Even though technology is the main feature at ISE, we recommend that you focus particularly on the end user. There is a good reason why the exhibition has an increasingly larger focus on the end user and use cases within various sectors. Need inspiration? Then visit these sessions:

  • Panel debate: Workspace of the future [Main stage, 14 February 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm]
    How can we make sure that the design and the implementation of a modern workspace actually functions? An expert panel will be debating this and other questions.
  • Change in the workplace: Let’s do better [Room D301, 13 February 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm]
    This inspiring session with practical take-aways about changes at the workplace is part of the ISE training program.


Tip 2: visit halls 11 and 15 for all innovations within UC&C

As fans of everything to do with collaborations, we recommend that you definitely visit hall 11 (Unified Communications) and hall 15. The exhibitors that you must not forget to check out are Pexip, Cisco, and Zoom.

Pexip (Hall 11, stand 11-C150)

After the merge with Videxio last year, Pexip is now ready to share its latest enterprise video conferencing solutions. When at Pexip, ask about:

  • The integration of video conferencing systems via CVI with Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts.
  • How they managed to secure a position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for meeting solutions as a visionary party.
  • A solution for dealing with your old video conferencing Infrastructure. Pexip has a license named ‘the Room Connector’ that ensures that you can throw all your old infrastructure out of the window.


Cisco (Hall 11, stand 11-C130)

Cisco is, of course, known for its high-end solutions and they will again exhibit some wonderful things this year. When at Cisco, ask about:

  • Their latest developments in hardware, such as Webex boards, Roomkit mini, and solutions for Huddle rooms;
  • The integrations with the Microsoft environment;
  • The Webex Teams solutions and how to use them to collaborate as a team;
  • The latest technological developments such as face recognition.


Zoom (Hall 15, stand 15-B225)

Zoom is going like a rocket. The platform is growing significantly but user-friendliness remains key. When at Zoom, ask about:

  • The latest developments regarding Zoom Phone;
  • The new interactive smartboards of NEAT and DTEN, specially developed for Zoom;
  • What Zoom thinks about the developments in UC in general and what role they intend to play in countries outside the US;
  • Their customized solutions for the healthcare and education sectors.



Tip 3: visit hall 13 for innovations in remote healthcare and education services

Hall 13 is entirely dedicated to technological solutions for the education sector. Over the coming years, the role of (AV) technology in classrooms and lecture theatres will only increase. Think about education, but also about remote healthcare solutions. A good example of this is the remote teaching of sign language to deaf and hearing-impaired children. We can recommend everyone who works in education and healthcare to visit hall 13. Would you like an ultimate deep-dive into AV for (higher) education? Then don't forget to visit the ‘Avixa Higher Education AV Conference’ on 11 February from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm in room E102.


ISE do’s and don’ts

Last but not least, some practical do's and don'ts to survive four days at the exhibition.

  • Do: bring earplugs/earphones and sunglasses! ISE is a cacophony of sounds, light shows, and flashy videos on big LED screens. Well, what else would you expect at an AV exhibition? Are you getting a bit over-stimulated? Find your inner calm with a soothing Spotify playlist in your ears and oversized sunglasses on your nose.
  • Don’t: wear high heels! A tip for the female visitors among us. ISE covers a surface area of no less than 123,700 m2 and that means walking for miles and miles. As a woman, however, you'll have at least one big advantage over men: ISE is probably one of the few exhibitions where the queues for the men's rooms will be longer than the one for the ladies.
  • Do: bring an empty bag. Flyers and brochures will be thrown at you, but you can also get lots of pens, USB flash drives, and other goodies. The Huishoudbeurs lifestyle event is peanuts compared to this, so bring your trolley and go!
  • Do: put the spam filter in your mailbox on high alert. If they manage to get your email address, you're toast. The days after the exhibition, your inbox will overflow with follow-ups. Make sure that you can filter out the most interesting mails and let the rest enter your spam box.


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