A smart collaboration strategy as a foundation

Successful virtual collaboration starts with a smart approach. What technology do you choose? And how do you get employees to embrace those tools? Together with our experts, you will arrive at a concrete step-by-step plan for facilitating remote collaboration.

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A solution for every collaboration issue

Are you facing the choice of a new tool or is your current setup not working optimally? We would like to help you find out how virtual collaboration can be made more effective. In 4 steps, we will come to a strategic approach for your unique collaboration issue.

Mapping out objectives

Collaboration tools should contribute to your business goals as much as possible. That's why we first look at your current setup (what goes well and what doesn't) and then we map out your business requirements.

Interviews with users

If you involve users at an early stage in the choice of a new tool, the chances of successful adoption are much higher. We will talk to a cross section of your organization to get a good picture of the wishes and needs.

Drawing up collaboration scenarios

We make an overview of all possible collaboration scenarios and examine for each scenario whether it is already facilitated by your current solutions, or whether it requires a new tool.

Exploring the market

Once we have a good idea of the setup, we draw up the technical requirements together with your IT team. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the market, we can also help with the launch of RFPs and, if desired, supervise a Proof of Concept.

What is your collaboration issue? We are happy to help you out!

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“Duppal identified the needs of end users and from the analysis phase a clear task emerged: we needed to start turning frustration into happiness.”

Peter Oggel - Chief Technology Officer at Irdeto

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Lay a strong foundation for effective collaboration

Effective remote collaboration is more important than ever. But how do you go about it? We enter into dialogue with users and arrive at a concrete step-by-step plan for effective remote collaboration.

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